Our Team!

The Finest In Caribbean Scuba Diving & Adventure

Courtney Blankenship - Shop Manager

Native Minnesotan, and hot dish aficionado, Courtney comes to us from her job at the aquarium on the sunny shores of the World Mall in Minneapolis. After obtaining a degree in Marine Vertebrate biology, a Scuba Instructor Certification here on Roatan, and being a valued member of our instructional staff for 5 years, she has moved up to the position of Activities Coordinator and “She Who Must Be Obeyed”. With Courtney’s intimate knowledge and experience on Roatan’s reefs, she is certain to help you put together the holiday of a lifetime.

Alex Hernandez - Scuba Instructor

Mr. Hair-nandez is a life long Honduran born on the mainland and raised here on Roatan. Alex got his Scuba Diving Instructor certification 10 years ago here on Roatan and has logged thousands of dives on our reef. His knowledge of local history, culture, and customs, along with his upbeat attitude and his ability to stand out in a crowd, make Alex a joy to have around, even above water.

Stuart Morgan - Scuba Instructor

Stuart “Pid” Morgan has been instructing Scuba diving on Roatan for the last 13 years. Hailing from Canada his background includes being a Fire Chief, NHL Hockey Referee, and radio DJ. With that combination, what we have here is an activities coordinating, conflict resolver, who abhors dead air-space, apologetically. Stu is a joy to have underwater!

Taryll Bennett - Technician

Go Juventus F.C. Roatan!!

Nelson Martinez - Boat Captain

Marcos Chirinos - Boat Captain

John Hart - Co-Owner

Originally from Northern California, John learned to dive in the Monterey Bay more than 30 years ago. After a stint in the Navy, he migrated to the Northwest where he began his diving career. John is a PADI Master Instructor with more than 5000 dives and 20 years of teaching experience. Although John is generally busy caring for and maintaining the equipment, he does most of the more technical instruction. He has been a D.O.T. hydrostatic tester for more than 18 years, was an IDC Staff Instructor, is a DSAT Gas Blender Instructor, and is certified to repair all major brands of scuba equipment.

Gary Carlson - Co-Owner

Gary is a former migrant industrial builder, machinist, and cold water diver. He arrived in Roatan in 2006, succumbing to his personal tropical epiphany. The guy in front of the computer, he is usually in his office cube, but we let him out to dive once in awhile..


Janitor, custodian, and fix-it guy. Bugs could go far with the company if he would just learn how to paint.

Karol - Professional Victim

Rescue, EFR, and Divemaster courses require “victims” in their practice scenarios. Introducing Karol, professional volunteer. With a personality as garish as her choice of apparel, and more enthusiasm than a room full of five year olds at Christmas. Karol is strong as an ox and almost as smart, making her the perfect assistant when needing pseudo unresponsiveness.